This one’s called the Best Phone to

The Epic Smartphone to Unleash

         A friend says that “Hey! I got my new phone with top geared features.”
Oh really,then now compare that with this;the one that could probably be an Epic phone ever.So you wondering what that phone could might be right? Lets get to know about it in detail,

Imagine your life with a 12 GB RAM, 1 TB internal storage and a mini film shooter.Guess what, all that with extra poped flavors are set into a mini daily usage gadget,The SmartPhone.
Turning Robotic Industries , a California company announced their new smartphone backends which is named as Cadenza which has the killer configs
Running the company’s own Swordfish OS,Cadenza comes with deep learning artificial intelligence capabilities and is not like any phone device we have known till now. Don’t believe us? Here are some unbelievable specifications of the same :

1 A 5.8-inch Quad HD display with1440x2560 pixel resolution

2 Two Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processors

3 12 GB of RAM and 1TB storage which can be further expanded up to 500GB using a microSD card.

4 A 60MP rear camera with IMAX6K recording facility

5 A 20MP front dual-front camera,
Can hold up to 4 sim cards

6 A 2400mAh Graphene
Supercapacitor Battery with a 1600mAh Li-Ion Hydrogen Fuel cell

Source : Scoop Whoop


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