After setting up the CYGWIN ,now you are eagerly waiting to start your journey towards coding/programming.So here’s the step by step tutorial for you:

1)Open your CYGWIN application

2)Make a folder now using the command
    mkdir cprogs
And hit enter

Note: Can be any name other than cprogs
Now you successfully created a new folder.

3)Head into it by:
  cd cprogs
Hit enter.
Now you will be in cprogs directory.And you can even make subdirectories under cprogs using the same above command.

4)Now type as below and hit enter
  notepad hello.c &
The above command will invoke your default notepad and asks you whether to create a new file , click yes

5)Now you write your come into it and SAVE the file.

6)In order to see the result of your program you need to compile and run it using the below command
   gcc hello.c hello
  And hit enter.Now your program will be compiled (if no errors).

7)To execute the program ,use

8)Bingo!You are done.


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