C Compiler from CYGWIN

In my other post (Installation of CYGWIN)
I have shown you how to get the Linux environment on your machine. As Cygwin is designed to get all the Linux commands get executed on your windows.
This process also includes the packages which enables you to do anything (regarding coding) on your Terminal. This packages include the native C-Language Packages.
So in order to enable the feature of writing C Programs you must have downloaded the below package:-
1)  GCC compiler —-> C Compiler
2)GCC+ compiler—->C++ Compiler
If you hadn’t downloaded the above packages while installing CYGWIN follow the below steps:-
1) Re-run the setup of CYGWIN you downloaded first(if not available now head to link)
2)Follow the same process until you get package selection window as below


3) Under that window you can search for the above packages and download them and let it get installed.
4) Or by default it will get installed by clicking the small circle showing default and making it “default”.
Voila! Now you have setup the compilers on your windows using CYGWIN.
Note: The direct softwares or C-libraries for windows won’t be much faster as the CYGWIN which you will notice after you compile your first program.
Usage of the CYGWIN in my other post….


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