Linux Environment on Windows

Cygwin Installation on Windows

Every one might have come across Linux commands even once as by in sense of learning the hacking or learning the basic programming skills.Any how much of you are UN-familiar with the operating system “LINUX” .

The problem arises during the installation of the OS as it is the bit complicated one that could might be in dual booting or in single installation.Luckily, windows users can have the Linux environment with out the installation of the native OS with the help of the CYGWIN software in their system.Here’s the complete procedure for the installation of the cygwin:

1)Download the cygwin software from the link:-

a)For 32-bit OS:-download

b)For 64-bit OS:-download

Note:- This is an Online Installation Process

2)Continue as normal installation you do with the file downloaded

3)Select from Internet

install_from_internet4) Enter preferred installation (Root) directory and click next.

Root_Directory5)Enter a temporary installation directory and click next.

Temp_dir6)Select “Direct Connection” and click next.

Direct7)Select a download site and click next.
(Any site that you can connect to is fine. Some sites are more stable and/or faster than others. Try to pick one that works for you.)
Downloadsite8)Select the packages you want to install and click next.
Packages you may want to install include:

    • opennssh
    • bc
    • python
    • keychain (for ssh key pairs)
    • gv
    • ghostscript
    • emacs
    • vi
    • grace
    • tcsh
    • gnu compilers
    • tetex
    • aspell
    • xfig
    • transfig
    • ImageMagic
    • gnuplot
    • rsync
    • xinit

(important for installing X-server)

Packages9)That’s it.You are done.

Inorder to launch the cygwin form cmd window you need to add it to the path under your system properties.


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